Sunday, May 19, 2013

Something a Little Different for This Sunday

Normally Sundays are pretty lazy around our house.  We sleep in, read the paper, work on the house and maybe, just maybe, change out of our pj's.  Today was a different kind of Sunday.  Today I put on the ole' fancy pants and I worked at an event for Ergobaby downtown as a Brand Ambassador at the Best of Bump Club . I got to talk to lots of moms and dads about why Ergobaby is such a great product.  As most of you know I don't normally "bring home the bacon" around here but it sounded like a fun opportunity so I jumped on it. Although I'm pretty sure Julie and Maddox spent all my
my handsome guy on a boat 
"bacon" galavanting the city today.  They went to Navy Pier, the Lego Store, H&M, took a boat tour, played in a fountain and of course got a few treats. They both had an awesome day and Maddox chattered about it the whole way home.  I love it when they get to spend quality time together without me, I think it is so sweet and such good bonding time!

I really enjoyed talking to grown ups all day, even if it was about babies! I felt a little like my former, working girl self.  Mallory went with me and OH MY GOODNESS she was PERFECT!  She was in the Ergo from 9am to 3pm and got out a little to eat, be changed and play, but she slept and just chilled about 90% of the time.  She was the best-est baby model ever!
It was fun to talk to other moms, and I actually found a few similarly minded people who were into cloth diapers, essential oils and all around green living.  I love running into fellow crunchies!  Ha, ha.  And go figure, I forgot to take pictures of us working hard today.  Oops.

I struck up a great conversation with a few moms about cloth diapering and they wanted to see some pictures.  I promised I would share some of my home made creations.
When we are out and about we usually use pocket diapers but when we are home I like to use fitted diapers with wool covers.  I use pockets when we are out because they have PUL on the outside and they are waterproof and faster to change.  At home I like fitted diapers because they are much more breathable and I think more fun but not waterproof unless you put a cover on them.  I like wool, again because it is more breathable and a natural fiber, but also because I like making covers and I think they are adorable.  The white fitted diapers are from Green Mountain Diapers and are called Worhorse fitteds.  They are awesome!  They are absorbent, soft, fit very well and not too expensive.  Plus I like the simplicity of a classic looking diaper.   So here you go ladies that I met today, my latest creations made from my scraps and thrift store finds.
Fitted Woof, Woof

Fitted Birdies

Fitted flowers and owls
Brown flower was from leftover PUL, green flower was a  pillowcase and pink plaid was a table cloth

Mallory in upcycled wool

More upcycled wool on the cute baby model

Workhorse fitted - such a cute bum!

Oh how I am having fun with fluff!  It is becoming an addiction.  A bad one.