Friday, May 3, 2013

Ergo Love

In preparation for the month of July, when my kids and I will be away from home for 33 days, I have been looking for things that are travel friendly and will make my life easier with a baby and 5 year old.  I am an avid Ergo Baby Carrier lover. I have 2 already, but I stumbled across this bad boy and I could not pass it up.  It is a packable Ergo they call  the Stowaway.  It folds up into that tiny little rectangle that you can toss or hook anywhere.
My first pack job, so easy!
The material is different that my other Ergos. The shell is made of 100% recycled materials and it is kinda of slicky.  It reminds me of the outside of a sleeping bag.  The shoulders have less padding than the other ones, which is expected because it is much lighter and packs inside itself.  It still has a hood that hides inside a little pocket (which I love because I don't use it much) and it still has my favorite Ergo feature - a pocket!  This has been one of the reasons I have not even tried any other carriers because I need a place for my phone and keys.  Thank you Ergo!

Eeewww, baby slobber.
Since little Mrs. Drools-a- lot has been doing this  ---------------->        
 to my straps I decided to jazz them up with some cute sucker pads to combat her slobber.  I think they turned out pretty cute and they were easy.  I made 3 sets in about an hour.  Organic, reversible, adorable.  Go me!
I think she likes our new travel arrangement!

Here is a little demo.