Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Heart Amazon

I'm going to make an admission here today.  I'm pretty sure the most uncrunchy thing I do is shop on Amazon.  I know...bad carbon footprint...but I love it, and I promise I make up for this naughtness to Mother Earth in other ways.  I have Prime and have for about 2 years now and I'm pretty sure I can't live without it.  It is $79 a year which is only $6.58 a month to get free (or a better word may be included) 2 day shipping  on TONS of stuff on plus lots of free movies and shows online.
$6.58 a month to not have to drive around to look for whatever it is I am looking for?
$6.58 to not schlep my kids in the Chicago weather into whatever store across town in traffic.
$6.58 a month to have my coveted purchase at my door in 2 days (sometimes less).
Yes please!!!  
What do I buy on  Books, movies, baby stuff, toys, industrial floor fan, vacuum, phone accessories, essential oil case, our favorite chapstick that I can't find anywhere else.  You get the idea... you name it, you can probably find it on Amazon.  My favorite is food though.  Since I am gluten free it is hard for me to find dry goods and snacks that are A-tasty and B-not a ridiculous price.  Amazon has all kind of gluten free stuff and it is usually a good deal if you buy it by the case.  I don't mind storing it (yes, I have been called a food hoarder before) so it is not a big deal.  And honestly most of the stuff we buy we go through pretty quickly.  The reason I tell you about this is that there is this great feature called Subscribe & Save.  It allows you to get automatic shipments of items you use a lot.  You can set the frequency of your delivery and change it or cancel it whenever you want.  So for me, I have Charlie's Soap (laundry detergent) set to ship every month but the water filter for our fridge is set to ship every 6 months.  If I need more sooner or need to skip a shipment I can do that too. Also you save 5-20% off the item when you set it to auto ship.  Now here is the cool part.  If you have 5 items set to ship in one month on your Subscribe & Save then you get 20% off the entire order!  I love it!  For many things it winds up being a great deal.  I even get rechargeable batteries this way.  Check it out, there is all kinds of great stuff, even diapers and wipes.   Ok, so this post was not supposed to be all about Amazon and my deep love for them, I just got excited.  Sorry.
What I wanted to show you was this  -------------------------->otoscope                   it is my new otoscope.  What's an otoscope?  It is that thing with the light on it that the doctor looks in your ears with.  Mallory has been pulling at her ears the last few days and although I am 99% sure it is because she is teething I thought that this would be a good idea to have in the house so I could check out the situation inside her cute little ears.  The next time we go in for her well baby visit I'm going to take it with me IMG_20130419_234051and have the doctor show me what I need to know (in case I miss something scouring the internet).  We sure did have fun with it tonight though!  We all looked in each others ears and said, "eeewww, you have wax".  Well duh, we are supposed to have wax.  Read here to find out why.
Now, I can't take credit for this idea, I read it on some eles's blog but I don't remember where so I can't give credit.  Sorry, smart lady.
So where did I get this awesome little tool?  Why of course!  For a mere $26 with Prime.
Be healthy.
Click here for otoscope on Amazon