Thursday, April 18, 2013

Breathe Chest Rub

I made some Breathe chest rub (think healthier version of Vapor Rub) today for 2 reasons. One, we are almost out because we use ours a lot and the other was so I could send some off to a certain friend in OK with 3 sweet boys who I know will also get a lot of use from it.  Here is how I did it, pay close attention, it is very technical.
1/2 cup almond oil (I have also used olive and/or grapeseed oil before)
1/4 cup beeswax
1/4 cup coconut oil
2 T shea butter20130414_131006
1 tsp vitamin E
30 drops per 4 oz container doTERRA Breathe
10-15 drops per 4 oz container doTERRA eucalyptus
5-10 drops per 4 oz container doTERRA rosemary
This recipe will make 2- 4oz containers.
I had all of these ingredients on hand because I use them to make lotion as well  - I just use different oils.  I have made lavender for the baby and used Citrus Bliss and grapefruit for me and for gifts.  They are all yummy and everyone at Christmas seemed to really enjoy it.
The process is very easy and literally took me about 10 mins to do.  Now getting a shower or the kitchen clean, that took forever today!
Pour everything into a double boiler type contraption.  I use an old olive jar that I keep only for this purpose and it sits in a pot of boiling water.  Like so. 20130414_130651 I use a wooden skewer to mix it up and when you are done you can toss it.  Wait for it all to melt then pour it into your containers where your drops of essential oils are waiting.  Now go grab a cup of joe and wait for it to cool.  It will look like this.  .20130414_134940 I know, this is almost rocket science.
Then you can jazz up your container a little if you feel it is necessary.  I felt it was necessary and because I have a new love of funky duct tape, 20130414_144245here they are with a quick wrapping.  Literally 10 minutes to make, and this will last us a while.  Plus it is perfectly safe for the whole family to use, even our tiniest member who is only 3 months old.
The recipe for lotion not my own, it was found here.  Thank you Nikki for sharing it with me. The containers I used are from Aroma Tools but you can use any glass container.
The easiest ways to use this rub is to rub on chests if your "patient" has any breathing issues due to asthma, sinuses, allergies, cold, flu, or bronchitis.  Sometimes I will dab a little under my nose or put a little behind my ears. Although this is not a good idea for kids that rub their faces because you don't want them to get it in their eyes.
The feet are always a great place to apply essential oils since the pores are so large. They get absorbed in the blood stream very quickly.  As you can see from the picture if you are having breathing issues then a good place to put some Breathe rub (or oil)IMG958093 would be the top of the feet near the toes or the bottoms of the feet on the points for bronchials, lungs or sinus.  When you put oils on the feet it is best to put on some cotton socks on after to keep all that healing power on your skin since some can evaporate in the air.
Now go get cooking!
Be healthy,