Saturday, December 28, 2013

Flu Strikes.. At Least I Think it Was the Flu.

I'm pretty sure that the flu just visited this house. Thank goodness we have found a way to combat it so we sent it packing!  Yesterday morning my brother (who is visiting) and I just hit a wall.  We were both just bleh.  He was even grey colored, it was not pretty.   I suspected it might possibly be the flu so we started "bombing" and napping. Then more "bombing"  To refresh your memory, a bomb has 3 drops each of melaleuca, oregano and Shied or On Guard essential oils in an empty veggie capsule and swallowed.  By the evening we were still kinda tired but definitely better.  Today we felt fine.  Thank you mother nature!

Then this evening I get a text from a friend asking if I suggest the flu shot.  My answer?  "Nope, I'm into the cold and flu bomb kit."
Jump ahead about 3 hours later and it looks like I'm going to practicing what I preach a little bit more...

This evening while I was putting the boy child to sleep, he all off the sudden got very whiney, hot, and he said he hurt all over.  Oh yeah, and he was completely irrational.  That sound pretty flu like to me. That boy went from 60 to 0 in about 20 minutes.  At first I though he was just a mess because he was so tired but then I realized he must really be sick. If he has today what we had yesterday then he needs "bombs" too.  I started rolling his feet with a roller ball of melaleuca, oregano and Shied that is diluted 1:1 with jojoba oil.  He was also really upset that he could not breathe because he was so congested so I started the diffuser right by his head with Respire (similar to Breathe from dT) and eucalyptus and I put some Respire on his chest.  We tried to use the neti pot but he was too congested.  My poor boy. After lots of nose blowing and 5 or 10 minutes of diffuser time he was breathing normally.  Phew.  I gave him some elderberry syrup for its antiviral properties, put a cool towel on his head and he fell asleep.  I can tell already that his fever is coming down and he is sleeping.  I am "bombing" his feet every hour right now and I plan on doing it once or twice in the night so he can wake up feeling good.  I promised him he would feel better in the morning and I don't plan on disappointing him.

Times like this I am very thankful to have tools in my house that are natural, that work and are safe for all of us.  If I didn't have essential oils on hand for times like this we could have been sick for days or even longer.  I just saw on the news the other day that the flu killed a grown man.  That is scary stuff and I don't want to mess around with it.  What is amazing about using essential oils is that when you are sick and you use oils you are killing the viruses and bacteria that are making you sick not just treating the symptoms of a virus or bacterial infection like OTC medicines do.  That makes your recovery time much faster, especially if you catch it at the beginning. You never really get fully "laid out on the couch" sick, and we all know that kind of sick really sucks!

If you are not an oil user yet then cold and flu season is a good time to start.  The Cold and Flu Bomb Kit will make a believer out of you if you catch a nasty bug.

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Remember, I am not a doctor I am just sharing what works for me and my family.

Be healthy!